Can someone explain what is going on in New South Wales? Is this the end for Freddie and does anyone know what he’s thinking?

Panic Stations! That’s the theme of this week’s podcast with the fallout from Origin selections. Has Freddie lost the plot or is this a masterclass? Who really knows… but we’ll sink our teeth in nonetheless. Joining Tubba, the Lunatic and Jinx this week is long time fan, Matty (Bieber) to discuss Origin II and why there’s still a chance the Blues can bring a decider back to Sydney. As for the NRL action we are yet again talking negatives with the crusher tackle rearing its ugly head more than once this weekend. But it’s not all doom and gloom, Tommy Turbo was back with a bang and forces us to discuss who is the best fullback in the game. As usual we love to look around the globe for the best and worst in sport, you won’t want to miss this edition of Champ and Mug of the week!

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