2018 Ep.17 – NRL ROUND 11 + WEEK IN SPORT

The NRL brought us the biff and taught us you can be a human missile and still not cop a suspension! 

The Lunatic and the Jinx are back for another week and rip into an eventful week in the NRL! With everything from punches to rule changes and the farce of Origin availability. Plus the boys try to keep a lid on Liverpools chances in the Champions League. All that and more, along with our tips and best bets!

2018 Ep.16 – NRL ROUND 10 + WEEK IN SPORT

Cam smith copped a low blow last week and he’s now dished one on Queensland! What a time to be alive!

The Lunatic and Jinx are back to talk all things NRL including what Origin might look like this year. Since Parra are a basket case again, we thought we’d get another tragic to fill in for Jordy… enter Brian ‘Cecchin’ Bellomo. Enjoy this somewhat bold pod as we run through our tips, best bets and everything else from the weekend!

2018 Ep.15 – NRL ROUND 9 + WEEK IN SPORT

We are finally back from a couple of weeks struggling with technical issues… But what a weekend we had!

The Lunatic and Jinx are back and relatively sober after a Sunday in Kogarah…. The Dragons look to be the real deal so Dave is starting to lose his mind! The boys will run through their NRL tips, best bets and a few other things that popped up in the week of sport!

2018 Ep.14 – NRL ROUND 6 + WEEK IN SPORT

Well… we are licking our wounds after a hell of a weekend! Is it now time to believe in the Tigers?!

Jordan is back this week as he plays host to Dave and Pat as they run through everything from punch ons to Brad Arthur's axe in the NRL. We'll also take a look at the AFL and the shambles that was the Comm Games Closing Ceremony. Oh.. and we'll see if Dave can actually win a bet.


How lucky are we to witness Winx… The Queen of the track goes for 25 straight the equal the legendary Black Caviar!

Tubba is fresh off another winning week and will look to keep the flame alive it what will be a tough day. She'll be joined by the Jinx to recap what was a fantastic Day 1 and look to steer punters in the right direction for Day 2 of the Championships. Let's see if our early thoughts can produce some results yet again!

2018 Ep.12 – NRL ROUND 5 + WEEK IN SPORT

Finally… we're not focussing on the referees! Week 5 in the NRL dished up a feud which is a bit of a theme for the week.

Dave and Pat run through a hell of a week in sport across the globe. We'll have the usual look at the NRL, plus our picks for round 6. As well as the Masters fall out, McGregor's rampage, Comm Games & the AFL. It's all happening now!


Now we know who the real tipster is at Against All Podds, it would be rude not to give her the reigns on this one.

Join the 'new' host of our Racing podcast, Tubba as she takes us through the bumper 10 race card at Randwick this weekend! She'll be joined by Pat to discuss the key runners of what will be an extraordinary couple of weeks at the track in Sydney.


Fresh off the week long bender with his Tassie teammates, Jordan pops in to chat all things cricket.

Pat along with Tubba and Boyda try to milk as much out of 'The Neck' in regards to the last 2 weeks in the cricket world. We also chat the Shield Final and what's to come this off-season with 'The Lunatic' mailing in some hard-hitting questions.

2018 Ep.9 – NRL ROUND 4 + ROUND 5 PICKS

Another week down in the NRL and plenty of talking points! Including our favourite Cam Smith milestone

Dave is joined by the jinx to chat all things NRL from Round 4 on and off the field. Including a few teams that may be in more trouble than we think. They'll run through their picks for Round 5 and give us their bets of the week. 


The soap opera in South Africa has hit fever pitch! But it wasn't all doom and gloom in Australian sport this weekend

Dave and the Jinx go in to everything they can with the situation in South Africa and what it might mean for the team moving forward. The usual look at the NRL plus a brief recap of the Racing and AFL action. Oh… and our Best Bets! Did we mention we were 4/4 last weekend?